At Little Smiles Dental, we are committed to providing the best quality dental care in an environment that is friendly and fun, where children feel safe and relaxed. All of our patients, from pre-schoolers to teenagers, are met with enthusiasm, nurturing and understanding.

A Dental Fantasy-Land

The warm and inviting office of Little Smiles Dental makes parents and patients alike, instantly feel at ease.
This welcoming space is defined by whimsical décor, smiling staff and a collection of toys and games.

Our dental treatment areas transport smiles by “Road, Rail and Imagination.” Electric trains encircle the pediatric bays, and remote-controlled cars and accessories adorn the walls and ceilings. Little Smiles Dental is a place where your child will learn that dentistry can be fun.
It is a place where high quality dental care and sincerity go hand in hand.

Share The Excitement

Little Smiles Dental is a true celebration of what pediatric dentistry is really all about. Our offices are filled with the laughter of children.

Your child will navigate their way through the dental process just like they would a good storybook. They’ll find smiling faces and new experiences and information around each corner, all of it designed to encourage good dental habits and trust in our specialists.

By associating healthy dental habits with fun and friendship, children are more likely to practice what they’ve learned, and to be excited about their next visit to the dentist.

Our Commitment To Excellence

High standards are reflected in our dedication to on-going patient education, and our high rate of patient satisfaction.

Our highly skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment and technology bring your child the best in dental care today.

We follow the ADA protocol to the highest measure for sterilization and infection control and provide a variety of preventative, cosmetic, and orthodontic services for children of all ages.