At Little Smiles Dental, we’re teaching children that developing healthy dental care habits is not only smart, it's fun!

The Pediatrician of Dentistry

At Little Smiles Dental we have a thorough understanding of the unique medical and emotional needs of our young patients.

Being able to use our training to help shape children's dental health habits and attitudes is a richly rewarding experience to us. One that we dedicate ourselves to daily.

First Birthday, First Visit

The first dental examination is typically performed at around 12 months of age. This is usually an information gathering session that allows us to counsel parents about teething, pacifiers, thumb-sucking, proper feeding, oral hygiene techniques, fluoride status, the effects of diet on the dentition, and injury prevention.

Educating first-time parents is very important to us, because prevention is always the best treatment.

Routine evaluations should be performed every six months, beginning at 1 year of age.

A Dental Fantasy-land

Your child will navigate their way through the dental process just like they would a good storybook. They’ll find smiling faces and new experiences and information around each corner, all of it designed to encourage good dental habits and trust in our specialists.

By associating healthy dental habits with fun and friendship, children are more likely to practice what they’ve learned, and be excited about their next visit to the dentist.

Good preventative care today means your little ones won’t be dealing with big problems later on!

Dr. Bayardo Cortes - Pediatric Dentist

"All children are not the same.. neither are all pediatric dentists!"

Dr. Bayardo Cortes

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Bayardo Cortés is a specialist in pediatric dentistry. After college, he received his dental and pediatric dental specialty degrees from Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine & Miami Children's Hospital.

He has extra years of specialized training developed just for kids. This includes preventive dentistry, early orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, treatment of traumatic injuries, child psychology, and care of special needs patients.